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Push yourself to new levels with the BarraFit Kickboxing classes.

Are you looking to get in shape and have fun doing it? Our skilled and outgoing instructors are here to help you reach your fitness goals!

The Barra Fit family is a group of mostly women that have busy schedules and like to have a solid group workout with energizing music and motivating instructors.

Sign up today and schedule your first workout!

Groundbreaking BarraFit kickboxing toning classes get men & women to lose weight and gain energy all across the U.S!

MMA athletes are at the top of the fitness spectrum. Combining muscular endurance, lean muscle mass and of course rock hard abs. Not everyone is a UFC fighter, but we would love to look like one!

The Barra Fit Kickboxing program combines kickboxing, self-defense, as well as functional fitness to burn fat and produce results all while having FUN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose weight by attending the Barra Fit Kickboxing program?

Our amazing workouts combined with a healthy lifestyle will guarantee success.

What levels attend the Barra Fit Kickboxing classes?

Our Kickboxing classes are designed for all levels from beginner to advanced.

How do I schedule a class?

You have already taken the first step by reading this! Fill out the form above and we will contact you to have you try our FREE class.

What is the cost of the Barra Fit Kickboxing classes?

There are multiple enrollment options to meet every budget. To ensure accurate pricing and to take advantage of current specials contact us using the form above.

Is Barra Fit Kickboxing a functional fitness class?

That and so much more! Our kickboxing workout system is comprised of a cardio workout combined with functional circuit training that will tone your body and burn fat starting on day 1!

How many classes per week should I attend?

To see amazing results we recommend training 1-3 times per week. We have multiple classes throughout the week to work within your busy schedule.

What ages can participate in the Barra Fit Kickboxing program?

Ages 13 and up!

What if I have never worked out before?

The Barra Fit Kickboxing program provides a group setting that allows participants to control their own workout level. The more often you take class the better you will feel and the better you feel, the harder you can push yourself.

How long is a typical class?

Classes are 50 minutes so bring a towel, but don’t worry we also have a locker room and showers.

Cardio Kick Boxing and Self Defense

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